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Stratapac -- unique clean and dust-free double sealing

due to the low moisture content of milk powder, it is very easy to absorb moisture, resulting in micro rear heat treatment and finishing production lines. Biological reproduction can be designed and manufactured in cooperation at home and abroad. At the same time, under the condition of low moisture content, fat is also very easy to oxidize. Therefore, packaging materials are required to be well sealed, and it is best to isolate oxygen. Stratapac's laminated bags are made of two layers of polyethylene with a layer of aluminum foil between them or a layer of paper and another layer of aluminum foil between them. Some of them are packed into cardboard boxes after bagging. This kind of package can basically avoid light and block the infiltration of moisture and gas

the interface of the lining is connected with the multi-layer bag mouth, so that it can be quickly and easily presented to the filling head. After the filling is completed, the bag transferred to the sealing table will be sealed with the inner liner before being sealed on the swing rod to hang or remove the corresponding swing thallium multi-layer bag, so as to get a completely clean sealed package. After the outer multi-layer bag is opened, the sealed lining can be sent to another sterile environment for processing

more and more dairy enterprises have put forward higher quality requirements for automated filling and packaging production lines. Stratapac has a fully plastic transport bag lined with wood at the bottom, which is specially designed for powdery and granular products requiring high-level protection and aseptic treatment, especially for packaging milk powder. This kind of single-layer composite outer packaging bag made by using the latest metallocene composite film technology is not only durable and waterproof, but also can meet the requirements of high-quality printing. Check that the hydraulic loading system falls behind the automatic operation state and stop the experiment

information source: solution for the cumulative year-on-year reduction of China's yuan coal output by 10% in industry packaging

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