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Their story of creating wealth

followed the Shanhe intelligent global service Wanlixing excavator service team, which saved 70% energy than the existing market experimental machine. It took eight days. I visited more than a dozen excavator customers in Sichuan, Chongqing and Guizhou. Among them, the in-depth conversation with these customers is like seeing a colorful life journey, and the highlight of these fragments is the process of their connection with Shanhe excavator

four small excavators dug the first pot of gold

in July 2011, the roar of machines came from Zhexi village deep in the mountains, where five ponds, 40 kilometers of tractor roads and 10 kilometers of high-standard drainage ditches will be built. The huge amount of work has attracted almost all excavators from all over the country. Local Xu Fuxue, when Ren's profit margin increased, did not let himself participate in this feast. His four Shanhe intelligent 70 small excavators showed their talents in these projects, bringing him rolling financial resources, which was also the first pot of gold he dug on the road to wealth

"small intelligent excavators of mountains and rivers are especially suitable for construction in places with complex terrain such as mountains and hills." Xu Fuxue said with appreciation. "It's flexible, fast and easy to operate, which immediately strengthened my determination to continue buying." Soon, Xu Fuxue ordered three Shanhe intelligent 70 excavators in one breath. In the next water conservancy and highway construction, Xu Fuxue took the lead, because four excavators were in hand, which could be said to have taken the lead

boss Deng is a "Shanhe fan"

"I only buy Shanhe intelligent excavator, and I also introduce my friends to buy it!" This is the first sentence Deng Xianyi said when he met us, and the tone was very positive. Deng Xianyi said that his Shanhe complex originated from the first Shanhe intelligent excavator he bought in 2013

"the performance of this 210 excavator on the construction site gives me the feeling of two words - amazing." Deng Xianyi recalled the situation at that time and said, "there are several brands of machines on the construction site, but my excavator has the highest excavation rate and moves very fast. Surprisingly, it is also very fuel-efficient. Compared with other products of the same type, it can save at least 20 yuan per hour." The excellent performance of the first excavator gave Deng Xianyi unparalleled confidence. In six years, he bought six Shanhe intelligent excavators and introduced his friend to buy four. With his booming career, Deng Xianyi became more and more famous in the excavator circle. Some excavator dealers came to him one after another to recommend other brands of excavators to him. But over the years, no one has been successful. His name of "mountain and river fans" has also spread in Bijie City due to the adoption of specific fiber oriented technology

the "noble man" in his life

at the end of 2012, Chen Zhongxiang, who was clean in his pocket, borrowed 70000 yuan from his relatives and friends, paid the down payment for the machine, and got a Shanhe intelligent 70 excavator. The next thing was all expected by Chen Zhongxiang, and his excavator successfully entered the scenic road project

"the machine is very easy to use. I earned the money back in three years. Now I think of it, Shanhe intelligence is the first 'noble' I met!" Chen Zhongxiang sighed and said, "unfortunately, I gave up halfway." In 2015, Chen Zhongxiang replaced his excavator with a second-hand excavator of other brands, and fell into 2 Wear resistance of connecting shaft: This is also an important experiment. In the debt dispute of "one woman marries more than one woman", more than 500000 yuan was paid

when Chen Zhongxiang was most helpless, his friend found him, suggested him to buy a new Shanhe intelligent excavator, and promised to lend him money. Chen Zhongxiang and Shanhe intelligence were given the opportunity to continue their leading edge. This time, he never let the opportunity slip away

in April 2017, Chen Zhongxiang paid the down payment with the money borrowed by his friend and chose a Shanhe intelligent 210 excavator. This energy-efficient excavator has brought him a lot of money. Up to now, Chen Zhongxiang has six Shanhe intelligent excavators. The original rotten motorcycle has already been replaced by a car and a pickup truck. His dark face is now full of smiles

listening to their stories of wealth creation, there are too many mountains and rivers complex in them, which makes my mood uneasy for a long time. These seemingly ordinary encounters have changed their fate and made their lives brilliant

when we left, the bright mountain and river green seemed to be waving to us reluctantly. Come back next time and listen to your new story

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