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You don't know the story of caterpillar entering China 40 years ago

you don't know the story of caterpillar entering China 40 years ago

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40 years ago, Caterpillar (caterpillar) and the then China National machinery and equipment import and Export Corporation reached an agreement of 38 cats? (Carter) sales agreement of pipe hanger and related parts. They have become the "emissaries" of Caterpillar's 40 year journey of "building a beautiful China". Next, we will take you to review this historical story

In 1972, China and the United States officially established diplomatic relations. A cat diesel generator set followed President Nixon to China and was presented as a gift to the Chinese government as a backup power supply for satellites. After this, many domestic key engineering projects have been launched, and the demand for construction machinery is becoming increasingly urgent. In the following three years, relevant officials of the then Chinese government and the then vice president of caterpillar, Mr. Delmar R. Lammers, led the team of 1. Accuracy level of the experimental machine: Level 1, and conducted many in-depth consultations on caterpillar's products, services, parts and other projects in Ottawa, Canada

In 1975, the establishment of large oil production bases made China more eager to find reliable oil transportation solutions. One day in the second half of the same year, Caterpillar's U.S. headquarters received a brief telex from China. The next day, Lammers communicated the telex message with George Bush, who was then the director of the U.S. Liaison Office in China. Two days later, the caterpillar delegation led by him flew to Beijing and conducted two weeks of in-depth product explanation and purchase and sales agreement negotiation with the then China National Machinery and equipment import and Export Corporation. In the third week, a total of 38 cat pipe hangers with a total amount of $3.8 million and related 0.2 million were successfully reached The purchase and sale agreement of accessories with simple structure, small size, low height and light weight due to the fact that the feeder of a specific 3D printer is farther away from the print head

The golden pen signed by Mr. Lammers on the purchase and sales agreement is now displayed in the visitor center of Caterpillar's headquarters in Peoria. The 38 pipe cranes played an important role in building China's efficient oil transmission network and won high recognition from the aerospace workers who participated in the project at that time. Forty years later, this batch of equipment can still be put into use

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