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Tea is no longer allowed in the packaging of moon cakes in Shanghai. Yesterday, it was learned from relevant departments that the national standard for moon cakes is expected to be introduced in July this year, when the luxury moon cakes will no longer be popular. In addition, although the prices of water and electricity have risen, it is still uncertain whether the price of moon cakes will rise this year

it is understood that the draft national standard to be issued in July this year stipulates that except for moon cakes, no other goods should be placed in moon cake gift boxes; The number of packaging layers of moon cakes shall not exceed 4; The proportion of moon cake volume to packaging volume shall not be less than 30%%; The distance between independently packaged moon cakes in the moon cake packaging shall not exceed 2cm; The packaging cost cannot exceed twice the physical value of moon cakes, etc. In addition, relevant sources also revealed that Shanghai has recently introduced China's first local method of "weight loss" for moon cake packaging. It stipulates that all moon cake packaging produced and sold in Shanghai should follow: no wood as packaging materials, let alone valuable and high priced materials such as mahogany and crystal to make moon cake boxes; There are no tea sets, tea leaves, bottles of wine and other commodities in the moon cake box; The ratio of moon cake volume to moon cake box volume should be greater than 20%%; The total packaging cost of each box of moon cakes is no more than 20% of the retail price of each box of moon cakes, etc. And replace the reducer oil. The introduction of the national standard for moon cakes will naturally bring a chain reaction to the food enterprises producing moon cakes. President sun of Taoyuan Village told him that he had heard about the standard for a long time. Although he didn't know the detailed rules of Guochuan Electronics' increasing market development with advanced technology and high-end products, he learned that there were special provisions on luxury moon cakes and boxed moon cakes in the standard. However, the moon cakes in Taoyuan Village follow the civilian route, so these special regulations will not have much impact on them in order to alleviate family difficulties. The person in charge of another enterprise agrees with the luxury moon cake "slimming down". He believes that in the past, when it comes to the moon cake production season, he had a headache about how to produce new packaging and ingredients. It takes time, effort and money to ask special personnel to design and customize. In the future, luxury packaging is not allowed. Instead, we can focus on the variety innovation of moon cakes

the price of moon cakes is a matter of concern to the people, but since last year, the prices of water and electricity have risen nationwide, the supply of coal is tight, and the purchase prices of fillings such as bean paste and lotus seed paste have also risen. Will the price of moon cakes rise? Zhou, Secretary General of Nanjing food industry association, said that moon cakes are seasonal food. Although they face the price rise of various raw materials, the price adjustment should not be too obvious. After all, there are dozens of moon cake manufacturers in Nanjing, and the competition is still fierce, so there will be no rash price rise. President sun of Taoyuan village also said that although the quality of flour, stuffing and other raw materials will be strictly regulated after the national standards are issued, it has not been determined whether the price will be adjusted this year, but it is certain that even if the price increase is only a fine adjustment, the increase will not exceed 10%

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