TDI contract price of hottest Asia increased by $1

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The contract price of TDI in Asia in March increased by USD/ton

due to good business, Asian toluene diisocyanate (TDI) producers BASF, KPX chemical company and Mitsui chemical company decided to increase the contract price of TDI sold to China in March by USD/ton (euro/ton) compared with February. Since the traditional peak season does not begin until April, the demand of the downstream foam industry has not improved, so the increase in TDI prices is due to the rising market, rather than the improvement of market fundamentals

the contract price in March is 3200 US dollars/ton (CFR China). The formal contract price of TDI is determined at the end of each month. The contract price in February was set at USD/ton (China cost and freight price). Due to the lack of interest in buying goods during the Spring Festival, the price was 100 USD/ton lower than that in January, but there was no crosslinked part in thermoplastic

the spot price in China's domestic market is soaring, and the import market will also rise soon. The inspection of materials has been significantly improved. The barrel loading price negotiated on March 3 is yuan/ton (US dollars/ton, delivery price in North China market), and the delivery price in East China market is yuan/ton)

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