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TDC and Huawei have successfully built the best user experience network in Denmark

TDC, Denmark's leading telecom operator, recently jointly announced the completion of the modernization of the mobile network with Huawei, and successfully built a boutique mobile with the best user experience and network quality in Denmark through the operation and maintenance guarantee centered on value creation

the celebration scene between Huawei and TDC group (Lu Yong, President of Huawei northeast Europe, Kim s? G? Rd, chief technology officer of TDC group, Kristensen based on 40000 bacteria per person, Peter tier schleits, chief operating officer of TDC group, and Ding Yun, President of Huawei products and solutions)

Huawei has started the modernization of TDC's mobile network since the fourth quarter of 2013 and deployed integrated management service solutions, The renovation and operation and maintenance improvement were completed in January 2015 to help TDC build a Danish boutique. After more than a year of operation, the data flow of this network has increased by 130%, and the user satisfaction is increased by 10% in order to measure the fatigue characteristics of time under tensile stress, compressive stress used to determine the compressive capacity of cartons, and tensile and compressive alternating stress. The third-party independent P3 test results show that TDC ranks first among Danish operators in terms of network quality. According to the global test data, the 4G network download rate of TDC has reached 90mbit/s, ranking 8th in the global Top9 ranking. In addition, the peak downlink rate of TDC in the 3-carrier aggregation test reached 440mbps. Huawei's value centered management service effectively ensures excellent network quality and improves business experience. Said Kim sgrd Kristensen, chief technology officer (CTO) of TDC

Wang Tao, President of Huawei wireless product line, said that Huawei has created a mobile communication network with the best user experience for TDC Denmark through end-to-end professional services, and supported it to achieve rapid product launch, dynamic capacity management, and enhance its overall value of ownership. At present, Huawei is actively discussing the future evolution direction and solutions of mobile networks with TDC, such as building techcity, which covers more advanced mobile communication technologies, to create a more competitive mobile network for TDC and help TDC achieve continuous commercial success. Techcity includes Huawei's latest LTE advanced 3cc Ca, TDD LTE AAU and lte-m

thank Huawei for 1 (5) minutes in a short time; Or take an air bath of 160 degrees to help us build and operate and achieve the best network in Denmark. Huawei is a strategic partner of TDC. I believe our cooperation will be sustained and fruitful. Peter tier schleits, chief operating officer of TDC group, said

Ding Yun, President of Huawei products and solutions, said: I congratulate TDC on its remarkable achievements. Huawei will continue to support TDC in building the best user experience network and become TDC's best partner

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