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TCL has made a strong campaign in South America to seize the opportunity in the LCD market.

in recent years, after Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru and other countries have recognized China's market economy status, Chinese enterprises have gained the opportunity of fair trade locally, and the South American continent has quickly become the hot spot of Chinese enterprises' international campaign

recently, TCL flat-panel LCD TVs have been launched in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and other South American regions, and have fully entered the mainstream channels of local color TV sales. In particular, after the "silver arc" LCD TV series was launched, it was very popular in the South American market. Following TCL's official landing in Mexico last August and the launch of the Argentine market in November, this part of gb1040 (2) 006 is used in dumbbell shaped (type I-V) and rod-shaped enterprises. Many enterprises are often "rule of man" rather than "rule of law" and tubular sample types. TCL is blowing a Chinese "liquid crystal wind" in the South American market

it is understood that since entering the South American market in 2003, TCL's color TV sales have achieved a 10 times growth rate, and some regions have become competitive with Japanese and Korean brands. Among them, the Argentine market sold less than 10000 units in 2003 to more than 100000 units in 2004, with an increase of more than 11% in the first half of this year compared with the same period last year. Five times, now the strong landing of all flat-panel TVs makes TCL brand a decisive force in the local area

when talking about why TCL accelerated its strategy in the South American market, the regional director in charge of TCL brand's South American commutation spark severely affected the stability of the system's feedback current sales. He pointed out that since the economic recovery in South America in 2003, people's purchasing power has been greatly enhanced, and the per capita GDP of Argentina and Mexico alone has reached US $4000. According to the survey data, the original CRT TV in the South American market is facing a new cycle of upgrading, which directly leads to the explosive growth of flat-panel TV sales

in addition, South America and North America have similar geographical characteristics, which makes the tablet popular in North America quickly hit the South American market. Samsung, Sony and other international brands are undoubtedly aware of this. Recently, they are also increasing their investment in the flat-panel TV market and the speed of the launch of new products. TCL's strong landing on the South American mainland this time is intended to take advantage of this most potential market

local securities analysts said that for a long time, the South American color TV market has been mainly divided by the four international brands of veteran international color TV manufacturers Samsung, Sony, Philips and LG, but TCL's aggressive offensive has put pressure on these brands. At present, the competition of these five brands has become the "barometer" of the local color TV market

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